Rating Guide

Guide to the 0-10 Scoring System

This key provides simply an informal and approximate description of what the scores would mean.  The scores have not been assigned as mere numerical codes for these descriptions.  The scores are assigned by more complex criteria and slightly modified relative to the other papers on the same list (i.e. criteria are more lenient for rarer topics with less available literature).



Scientific Quality

0          unscientific garbage

1          so flawed and erroneous that the paper should not have been published

2          seriously flawed or lacking key information

3          flawed research but perhaps some useable information

4          below average methodologically but still valid research

5          run-of-the-mill research

6          above average study features and methods

7          methodologically good study with well-reported findings

8          methodologically rigorous study providing strong scientific knowledge

9          top tier study providing the highest grade of evidence on important topics

10        exceptionally unique study providing scientific knowledge not otherwise attainable



Clinical Relevance

0          medically false and harmful information

1          clearly no relation to patient care

2          relation to patient care difficult to grasp

3          distant but discernable relation to patient care

4          below average;  some questionable or dated information on minor points

5          average relation to patient care;  little new information

6          above average;  some useful information on minor points of patient care

7          clear connection to real-world with some info that could modify minor aspects of care

8          several points of important info that would modify patient care in noteworthy ways

9          rich with major clinical insights that would change substantial aspects of patient care

10        paradigm shifting knowledge for clinical care;  urgent & crucial safety information; exceptional wealth of practice-changing insights on major issues

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